Thursday, November 5, 2015

Telemundo's Integral Role in its Community

            After researching and presenting on Telemundo, it is evident that Telemundo has an integral presence in Hispanic communities. Just by looking at the website, there are countless ways to involve its audience. By engaging their audience through social media, the website and telenovelas, Telemundo presents itself as a personal identity and member of its audience.

            Social media creates the personality of Telemundo and allows for two-way communication between the company and its audience. With over 6 million likes on Facebook, 2.16 million followers on Twitter and 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Telemundo has established its presence with its online audience. Facebook creates a channel for Telemundo to post links to its website, news updates, telenovela clips and interest articles. Additionally, viewers are able to “like” the page and participate in what Telemundo is doing in the online community.
Twitter creates an easy and informal way for Telemundo to update and communicate with its followers. Telemundo followers can retweet, favorite and mention Telemundo in order to foster an online, yet personal relationship between the company and its public.
Instagram takes on a visual form of communication for the online Telemundo audience. Posts can promote telenovelas, feature specific actors and create visuals that involve the audience. Telemundo Instagram followers can comment on pictures, mention Telemundo in their own posts and further the relationship between Telemundo and its followers individually. Social media creates an online identity that influences the audience’s opinion of who Telemundo is as a company.

            The website allows the Telemundo audience to become involved and interested in more than just its telenovelas. In addition to telenovelas, the Telemundo website posts videos, news articles, sports updates, posts for women and more. All of these aspects create an identity for Telemundo that promotes inclusivity and interest in its target audience. The Telemundo publics can easily access the website and find something of interest, whether it is sports, telenovela updates, or an interest article about a specific subject. On the webiste there is a link under “más” to Telemundo’s charities, Through this part of their website, Telemundo establishes itself as a benefactor and supporter of its greater public. From the “noticias” tab to the “entretenimiento” tab to the “mujer” tab, the Telemundo website informs, interests and supports its audience, resulting in its integral role in the community.

            Finally, Telemundo’s telenovelas are the foundation for who the company is in the public eye. Just recently, Señora Acero’s second season premiere ranked as No. 1 for 18 to 49-year-olds among Spanish-language primetime programs. The characters in Telemundo’s telenovelas become a part of viewers’ everyday lives. Each telenovela adds to the characterization of Telemundo, not only as an organization but also as a member of its audience.

            Telemundo’s presence online, in social media and through its telenovelas builds interest and develops a relationship with the audience that has previously been difficult for large companies to accomplish. With technological advancements and the increasing popularity of online viewership, Telemundo is in a good position to evolve with its audience.


  1. Thank you Elizabeth, I found this post very interesting. I had not thought about it in this way, but I think you are on to something. It seems like Telemundo viewers are kind of community and once you find out another person you know watches a lot of Telemundo, like yourself, you feel instantly connected. I think part of it is also that it has Univision, but other than that no major competitor. So as a Spanish-speaking or Hispanic audience member, you turn to Telemundo because you feel they understand your needs and are especially established to take care of them. I follow Telemundo on Twitter but I also noticed that the actors of their respective Telenovelas are very important on Twitter to engage the fans. It makes sense for Telemundo to sign actors exclusively to secure their respective fanbases solely for their shows.

    1. I agree with Lisa. Telemundo's decision to sign actors exclusively is very much a economical one and also Telemundo hopes to profit from the start-power of the actor.
      This reminds me a lot of what I learned about in my History of Cinema class. During the 1920s major production studious took to signing famous actors such as Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplain, Buster Keaton exclusively in order to gain audiences for their films.

    2. I have continued to follow all of Telemundo's pages on facebook and twitter and have really gotten hooked!! I agree with Lisa, but I want to put it out there that Telemundo seems to be reaching more of the majority of the younger spanish-speaking hispanic and latino groups here in the US. I know personally from experience that I watch more telemundo now than when I did when I was younger (when I would mainly watch univision with my grandparents). I believe that telemundo has more of a competitive advantage by securing the loyal, young, and vocal followers of particular actors and shows. They are able to fit whatever mold their diverse consumers have and when they fit that mold, they're able to keep the consumer engages at every step in almost every median. Its a wonderful and kind of creepy thing!