Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Consumed with Consumption

As our semester is coming to a close, I find it easy to reminisce about all of the material that we have covered together. At the beginning of our course, I wondered about the source of the popularity of telenovelas. It is no secret that telenovela watching is a global epidemic, but why? After learning all that I have from Dr. A this semester, I have decided that telenovela popularity can stem from, but is not limited to, three differing factors: dream world creation, family and culture identification, and in-tune reality - all of which relate to consumption.

Telenovela story lines create dream worlds that allow viewers to escape from everyday life and immerse themselves in fantasy. This fantasy presents audience members with the "ideal" picture of what life can be like. The dream world includes dramatic cliffhangers that hook viewers and keep their interest and investment in the story. In addition, dream worlds created in telenovelas serve as ambassadors of hope that ignite the spirits of viewers and their passions for living life the way that characters in telenovelas do. Telenovelas hold their popularity by engulfing viewers in this form of fantasy consumption.

In addition to their dream world aspects, telenovelas are also popular among their audiences because they foster family and culture identification. When viewers share stories and thoughts about their favorite characters and love stories, they bond in a way that only the story line could push them to. Families in telenovela-heavy nations gather together daily at a set time to watch telenovelas and share the experience of learning new elements of the stories together. When stories are contemplated and compared, it is easy for viewers to identify telenovelas in their lives as a normal and a welcome part of who they are.

Lastly, telenovelas hold great popularity because they are in-tune with reality. Regardless of the era or setting of a telenovela, they are relateable to real people and real situations. Telenovelas present a spectacle of emotions with elements of awareness stories, patriotism, and current events. The struggles and obstacles that characters face may be dramatized at times, but are also mirrored events that take place in everyday life. Consuming this reality brings viewers closer to their favorite telenovelas.


I am completely consumed with telenovela consumption. This course has been my favorite out of all of the classes that I have taken thus far at UGA. I am looking forward to our alternative class together tonight, and I can't wait to embrace my new telenovela-filled future!

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  1. Gabrielle, great points. You offer three good claims as far as defining why telenovela watching is so captivating. That concept of dream world creation resonated with me; why are viewers so willing to escape reality and enter into a melodrama? What implications does that hold on how our everyday stresses and obligations weigh on us? And in what ways do we seek to see ourselves in those novelas? These are questions that probe the psychology and emotional tugging behind the novelas, which is still something I'd like to look further into after this class.