Thursday, December 3, 2015

Telenovela with Eva Longoria and Jencarlos Canela

Dr. A gave us the final wrap-up lecture in which she stated that all telenovelas are braided together with the three strands: media, culture, and society. It has been a beautiful journey in this class and it definitely has deepened my relationships with telenovelas and it has catapulted me to a point where I know I can understand the layers and the amount of people that contribute all this work into bringing these to life.

I know this class has re-confirmed my obsession with these love stories but more so, this class has given me the gift to see the depth and layers of emotions, work, history, and love that goes into these works. I believe I have seen reflections of my culture and the cultures I wish to take part and share in. Telenovelas have allowed for people of different walks of life to understand others and they see reflections of their own life experiences in these stories. It is through the underlying stories or the little moments in episodes that tie onto people who then in turn are turned around and see the world in the eyes of the writer and characters. It allows for an interconnected-ness and feeling of unity to flow through the viewers. It has made me feel like I have been able to connect with Patria Mia from Cosita Rica, Bendita Sanchez from Cuidad Bendita, and even with Rtia from Avenida Brazil- my stepmother is not that evil though.

This journey has truly made me grateful to come from a culture that so creatively shows who we are. Though I know my journey with telenovlas will never be over- thankfully- I'm grateful that through telenovelas we are able to see how we are and how others are in their ways of life and their beliefs...what their culture values are...and even what their latest celebrity gossip is.

Speaking of rumors, incase you all were wondering, they are all true!!
Come January 4th, NBC will be putting on a new show…..called….TELENOVELA
**all calling Dr. A, we need to interview Eva Longoria and Jencarlos Canela ASAP**

Okay, so I won’t make you all watch the first trailer because I think it may give too much of the plot away but I think that Eva Longoria and Jencarlos Canela are going to rock NBC’s new show telenovela.

this will surround a telenovela star -eva longoria- who cannot speak spanish. the comedy series will surround changes in her life as her ex husband comes back into her life as a co-star and as she has to deal with some scary and pressuring executives.

Once I saw this video, I immediately went back to see it again because I wanted to double check and cross check that all of their production portrayals are correct!! I was so pleasantly surprised to see someone who looked like a pauta, the director, the executive were all present characters- but a part of me wanted to see more of the behind the scenes of the telenovela-I am one of those people who will watch all of the bonus material for a movie with the directors comments. Granted,  this is a show about people who are filming a telenovela so there are several steps away from the actual skeleton it may fit and what this show might be compared to. I am nervous about how the show will do, and if it will just put out false perceptions of telenovelas. I was able to look on NBC's website and I saw all the head shots for the main actors...I'm not entirely sure that stereotypes will be fought in this series. Alas, I saw the Univision is producing this series, so there may be hope! I am very protective over how americans and those who aren’t exposed to this genre will perceive it so I think I will be walking on eggshells until the season is well underway. There is a special preview next Monday at 7pm so I hope you all can check it out!!


  1. One thing I thought was interesting is that in one of the trailers, even Eva says "what's a telenovela? It's a soap opera". I'm worried this show might satirize the genre more than show the behind the scenes, but hopefully you're right and it doesn't add to stereotypes. But if you go on youtube, there's at least 4 trailers for the show, and some of them make it look like they might add onto American ideas of what a telenovela is. But, fingers crossed!

  2. Just saw this and after having watched the first 4 episodes, I am so disappointed. I don’t think it is good at all, it is pure stereotype and not even true. There are few people that love Jencarlos more than I do, but in this one... nope, it is jus not a good show! What did you guys think?