Thursday, October 15, 2015

Making Las Aparicio

Being a Mass Media Arts major I kind of already had an idea of  the amount of  man power that comes with the pre production, production, and post production of a movie of tv show. But learning in class about the different positions, I can see that the making of a movie is different than making a telenovela. Learning about the different positions, I can see why a script plays a much more important part on set because it is constantly changing. Some of the positions used in television are different than the ones used in films. Another big different is the time frame of writing, shooting and editing a episode in a telenovela is significantly smaller and faster paced than that of a movie. Positions are specialized, just like in film, and it takes a whole army of production team to get the episodes out.

There are six crew members here, in this small bedroom scene.

Most of the time actors learn their lines as they shoot, the whole pace of telenovela production is 10 times as fast as a feature film. I would imagine since telenovelas aren't finished products when they are aired, the input and reception of the audience adds to the various changes a telenovela script goes through. As we learned some actors prefer to just learn their lines as shooting is being done.

After Dr. A talked about how important credits are I started paying attention more to the opening names of my telenovela. Obviously the names of the main actors are shown in the beginning, but after the actor's name come the crew, casting, director of light, writers, who are credited differently than the person who did the original story, director, and general producers. I decided to look more into the production of Las Aparicios and found an interesting fact on a blog where I also got these photos from. During the production of Las Aparicios the director Moises Ortiz, would be very hands on with his actors.

(Plutarco Haza, Gabriela de la Garza, Moises Ortiz)

(Gabriela de la Garza, Erik Hayser, Moises Ortiz)

Taking what we learned about production and doing some research into the production of Las Aparicio, it was fun being able to see the process work and some behind the scene pictures.

If you guys want to see more pictures of the production here is the link to the blog:

Ill leave you guys with a cool fact! One of the producers, Epigmenio Ibarra, is the father of one of the actors Mariana, Erendira Ibarra, heres a picture.

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  1. I am not a MMA major, but I have had experience with production. At an internship 2 summers ago with a news station, I played a big part in assisting with commercial production. That is on an even smaller scale than a tv show, telenovela, or movie. Seeing how a commercial is produced and who it takes all day to film a 30 second commercial, I can't imagine what it would be like for the production of a tv show. Telenovelas air every single day, which means that filming and production have to happen quickly and a lot. There are scenes that have to be filmed over and over to get them just right. I was very interested to learn about the production of a telenovela because of this reason. It's not all glitz and glamour being a telenovela actress or actor, but it takes a lot of time, patience, and hard work.